What Do Dental Veneers Do?

Think of it like this. The next time you are watching your Sunday night NFL game and your favorite star takes his helmet off to take a drink of water during the coach’s called timeout, just watch closely what he does. The next time you see your favorite basketball star bundled across the white lines, see if you notice this. The NFL player needs to take his guards out. But the hooping specialist has lost his guards completely. Popped right out of his mouth as he was given a nasty big shove. Sound pretty violent if you don’t understand the sports’ psychology. Good point you might have made if you’ve never watched the game basketball before.

dental veneers monrovia

Maybe they should be wearing helmets just like those football guys over there. You thought this was bad? Wait until you watch ice hockey. Heck! These guys seem to knock each other’s teeth out as if it was a sport all on its own. Well, that’s what they seem to be trying to do anyway. Because if they weren’t all wearing gum guards, they’d be pretty toothless tigers anyhow. Or gramps just before bedtime after he’s clunked his dentures in a glass of water for crying out loud. Anyway, all these guys are wearing what they call gum guards, see. Why they call it that could have been confusing because by now you know what purpose those ‘gum guards’ serve.

The dental veneers monrovia procedure serves a similar purpose. It prevents fragile teeth from being knocked to bits. These are teeth that have just been repaired. It needs time to heal and it cannot do that if it is over-exposed. Dental veneers help prevent that, see. So, now you see it. That’s what dental veneers do.