Fun Facts About Mosquitoes

There is nothing fun about dealing with mosquitoes when you are trying to enjoy a peaceful time out in your yard with those closest to you, but there are some interesting facts you might not have previously known about mosquitoes that could help you understand them a little bit more.

If you are finding a bunch of mosquitoes flying around you every time you deign to step out in your yard, you should probably be thinking about calling up the mosquito control middletown professionals to help you get the flying bloodsuckers off of your property.

While you wait for your mosquito control team to show up and help you clear the yard of them once and for all, give your brain some new trivia with some interesting facts about mosquitoes!

1. The sheer numbers.

There are more than 2,500 unique species of mosquitoes all over the world. Of those 2,500 types of mosquitoes, 150 of those species fly around in the United States.

2. Their diet.

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Did you know that mosquitoes get the majority of their food from the nectar of plants? This is one of the most commonly consumed meals for male and female mosquitoes alike.

3. Their very short lifespan.

Surprisingly, mosquitoes have a very short time to live. An adult mosquito usually only sees a two week lifespan.

4. Their bites.

When a mosquito bites you, you might think the mark that gets left behind is from the bite itself, but it is not. Instead, the mark you see after a mosquito bite is your body reacting to the bite to stop the blood in the area from clotting due to the saliva of the mosquito.

5. What do they like?

Mosquitoes are usually attracted to standing water, warm areas, and light. These are all things that could easily attract the bugs to your home.

They are certainly interesting critters, but that doesn’t make them any more fun to be around. This trivia can help you know a little bit more about the mosquitoes you encounter and why they are in the places you find them, knowledge that can come in handy for battling them later on.